Litigation Consulting


ACME provides software failure experts, software misappropriation experts, computer forensics experts and electronic discovery experts to assist companies and firms in resolving challenging IT issues that arise in such disputes.


We understand the needs of clients involved in information technology-related disputes, such as:


Computer System Failure and Software Project Failure

The software failure experts at ACME work to determine the cause(s) of software project failure and computer system failure;


Software Trade Secret Misappropriation, Patent and Copyright Infringement

Analyzing software code and data for patterns and similarities, the team of software intellectual property experts and software copyright infringement experts at ACME determine whether the examined code and data support or refute copyright, trade-secret and patent-infringement claims;


Electronic Discovery

Experts at ACME are highly skilled at recovering emails and other electronically stored information that may be discoverable;


Computer Forensics

Expert at recovering deleted and lost files, ACME can retrieve even the most difficult-to-find digital evidence;


Data Analytics

The with significant expertise in data analytics, ACME can analyze electronic data for its probative value, that is, its capacity to prove or disprove factual contentions.


Attorneys and IT managers who require expert assistance resolving software failure disputes, claims of software intellectual property misappropriation, and electronic discovery issues are invited to contact ACME for a private consultation.


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